4.4.18 Winter wonderland on the farm, in April?

April 3rd, 1974 was our previous snow record with 5.90 inches of snow. April 3rd, 2018 we set a new record with 7.50 inches of snow.

Oh Minnesota, why must you play these cruel jokes on us?

April snowfalls make life on the farm that much more difficult. It creates more mud, covers fields to prevent field work, makes travel around the farm difficult or impossible (by vehicle at least) and just generally puts us behind from a normal year.

We are hard at work down in the basement with planting and preparing for the season. There is a lot of work that can take place both inside and outside in the spring. It ranges from obvious spring jobs such as planting to less obvious jobs such as reorganzing the barn to ensure that once the season gets rolling we are able to work efficently!

We are very excited for this years season and for our CSA! We're planning more events for this year, new types of produce and more! Please reach out to us with any questions you might have about our CSA or CSAs in general!

Just in case anyone was curious the top 10 snowfalls for April, here you go!

Top ten largest April Snowstorms in the Twin Cities 1891-2013
Rank Date Year Amount (in)
#1 April 14 1983 13.6
#2 April 27-28 1907 13.0
#3 April 19-21 1893 10.0
#4 April 29-30 1984 9.7
#5 April 6-9 1923 9.6
#6 April 13-14 1928 9.5
#7 April 13-14 1949 9.3
#8 April 1-2 2002 7.6
#9 April 8-9 1980 7.6 (tie)
#10 April 4-5 1957 7.4
— https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/climate/journal/13_april_snow_records.html