3.27.18 A fallen tree and a jungle of baby plants

This has been a week of progressing on spring's two biggest tasks; planting and making maple syrup! Our basement greenhouse is fully underway with tomatoes, peppers, celery and many more varietys of produce growing! We have thousands of more seeds to plant, but we will soon run out of space until we can get the outdoor greenhouses built! The plants have grown substantially since we starting planting back on March 5th and we continue to look forward to watching them grow!

We have also been hard at work with our maple syurp! Maple syrup is a lengthy yet rewarding process. We burn thousands of pounds of wood in order to keep the fire hot enough to boil the sap. Over the last week we've been working hard on cutting down a fallen basswood tree. We've hauled out thousands of pounds of wood from this single fallen tree, with more haul out still. After it's hauled out it then has to be sawed into pieces and split with a splitting maul.

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

-The Gyslands