Our first plants are in the ground and our highway has been cleaned!

Our farm season has now entered the next phase, in field planting! We are thankful for the stretch of warm sunny days we´ve had because it´s given us the opportunity to get the fields worked up and prepared for planting. We have planted potatoes, onions, corn and garlic. We plan to start planting cole crops, transplanting tomatoes and more early this week before the rain sets in!

We also worked on cleaning all of maple syrup supplies. This year we had 85+ 5 gallon buckets hanging on the trees, which is a record for us! We prefer the 5 gallon bucket method for gathering sap over the tap and tube method. The tap and tube method typically requires using more harsh chemicals to clean the tubes, which we try to avoid.

We spent 3 hours of Saturday doing our part to keep our world clean and trash free. We adopted a section of County Road 8 that runs between our farm and Highway 13. We are always saddened by the amount of trash we find in the ditches. Dozens of beer cans, soda cans, Grizzly chew cans and more.

We look forward to sharing all of our adventures!