We are a family-run business that believes in supplying our community with the utmost quality produce, the widest variety at a reasonable price!


Reid and todd gysland, Owners

Reid and Todd make up Gysland Brothers. We have been growing and providing fresh produce to the Twin Cities area for over 45 years. We rented land when we were teenagers and ran roadside stands. A few later we also began selling at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. At the Minneapolis Farmers Market we began to sell wholesale at the Lunds food stores, Lyndale Market and other buyers. Our produce is now available directly from the farm at our roadside stand, our CSA, Minneapolis Market and a number of other markets, restaurants and stores.


Neal Gysland

Neal does a lot of the behind the scenes work. He is responsible for much of the communication with all of you, the literature you see, the website you're reading, and the photos which are posted and much more. He does his best to help around the farm with his free time!


Shadow, Chief, and ginger

Although they may not play an "official role" they may just be the most important part of our team! They are adorable, fun, cute and love to play!