Spring Time is Upon Us!

Spring is always bittersweet.The tranquility of the winter season comes with a feeling of rest and relaxation. But when winter gives way to spring, we feel the pressures of the upcoming season bearing down on us. In order to have a successful harvest season our crops must be planted in a strategic way. The spring season is very important for the success of the upcoming season. We plant over 20,000 transplanted plants and over 100,000 seeds planted straight to the field. This is spanning over 50 different types of produce.

During the spring season we also spend a lot of time cutting down dead trees. Firewood is very important and valuable to us. Not only does it heat our homes but we use a massive amount of wood while making maple syrup! This last week we worked on cutting a lot of firewood, among doing other things. We finished knocking down a huge red elm today. We had to cut it, pull it with bobcat, cut it some more and finally it fell! We'll use some to heat Todd's house, some will go towards our syrup fire and we will put some for sale at our roadside stand!

Enjoy your week everyone, we sure are looking forward to the 50's that are on their way!

3.5.18 Planting has officially begun!

Today turned out to be quite the snowy disaster out here on the farm. We're not exactly sure how much snow we got, because of the wild winds, but it's a lot!

Late season storms are always unwelcomed by us, due to the back peddling it causes us to do. We had the driveway fully cleared, most the snow melted from around it, trees tapped and the syrup boiling spot clear. Well, now the driveway is full of snow, buckets and lids scattered from the wind and our boiling spot is buried under the snow. Once the cover of the snowy night lifts we'll begin to recover. Plowing the drive, searching for buckets and uncovering what was buried.

One may ask themselves, "What do you do on the farm when it's a blizzard?" Well, we jar up honey and plant seeds! Jarring up honey and planting seeds are both long tedious tasks, but they are enjoyable in their own way. For honey, it's oddly enjoyable slowly warming up gallons of honey over multiple hours, getting it to the point of bottling. Seeing that yellow pure raw honey glistening in it's bottle as the sunlight peeks through the window.

Planting seeds is a task we start in March and goes on for months. We must strategically plant our seeds so they'll be ready for transplanting at the right time and eventually ready to put in the earth. It starts off slow, a couple hundred Black Krim here and a couple hundred Paul Robeson there (a couple of tonight’s tomatoes we planted.) It's a process that takes patience and time. It's something that we have gotten down to what some would call, "The art of planting". Starting with the perfect amount of soil, evenly spread and slightly pressed. Then we make shallow even rows for the seeds. After that we'll use our seed dropper to drop in an even amount of seeds along the row. Once the rows in the flat all have seeds we'll carefully spread the soil back down to cover the seeds and finally gently water the soil to feed the seeds!

We enjoy our "snow day" as much as the next guy, but unfortunately a farmer never gets a true "snow day" off.

2.26.18 Maple tree tapping has begun!

With temperatures now teatering above and below freezing, we decided it's time to begin tapping our maple trees! We tapped 29 trees trees along the driveway. We always start with trees along the driveway, because that is where the sun and warmth hits first! Maple trees begin flowing once the trees warm up during the day and then freeze again at night.

Last year we tapped around 49 trees, we hope to add more taps this year so we are able to yield more syrup for all of you! Tapping trees and set up are the easy part. Once we get syrup flowing, we are going to have hours of hard work before us! We will have to rebuild our boiling station and then we'll be carrying hundreds of pounds of sap to be boiled over an open fire!

We'll update all of you once we are onto the next steps of the process!

2.22.18 Our website is live!

We are so excited to finally have our website live! We are so excited to be able to have a new way for us to communicate and share about life on the farm! C.S.A shares can be purchased straight from our website via credit/debit. Take a look our gallery to see photos of our produce and from the events we hosted last year! Finally, we will be making regular updates right here on our website!